For a while now most of my photography has been to a brief.  It’s my job to deliver to clients a set of pictures which conform to their brief for a new product, a refurb of a hotel, a recipe, an event or a portrait.  And that’s all good, I love that challenge of translating a client’s expectations into pictures.  But somewhere in the middle of the flurry of this year I have stopped taking pictures for me.  I still take snaps of my family, but thats different, it’s recording a moment, and while that’s obviously important and also quite a lot of fun, it doesn’t really scratch the itch that first made me want to be a photographer. 

So, hence the A-Z of Food that I have been posting out of Twitter this week.  The idea isn’t groundbreaking, the commitment to produce an original image each day, with no tight brief, simply a shot of food that corresponds to the letter of that day.

A was for Avocado,

Avocado-2B was for Banana Bread

Banana Bread-2C was Coriander

Coriander-0748-2-2D was Dauphinoise

Dauphinoise Potatoes-2 and E simply Eggs.  

Eggs_9713On days where I have more time its the chance to try a new technique, play with a new concept or new lighting.  On busier days it will be a simple daylight shot.  The first 4 days went well, but by day 5 I had a tight deadline to hit and I didn’t want to drop the ball on the project so early, so I re-edited an old shot.  I essentially cheated, using a photograph I had taken last year of Eggs.  I am feeling  a bit guilty, but I think I would have felt worse if I had missed the deadine for a client, so its a case of priorities!! 

Today is F.  Fennel Seeds, Foccacia, Fish, Figs or Frittata?  I have ambition for a high key artistic image of the seeds.  But if I don’t get the time to do it before this evening, I will be of the Fish Fingers my little boy is having for tea.  Such is life.

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