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Cameras in Kitchens

Cameras in Kitchens

I love meeting new people, and as a photographer you get to stick your nose into all kinds of interesting worlds.  Without a doubt, one of the most fascinating places is a professional kitchen where some of the most interesting, driven, talented, sleep deprived, hard...

Top Herd

Top Herd

A few months ago I got a phone call to ask me to go and shoot Jerky for a new snack company called Top Herd.  I was more than a little concerned, I have to admit.  Dried meat snacks don't naturally lend themselves to pretty pictures, and I thought that making it look...

Bristol Rocks to the sound of the Bean

A big mug of Coffee is the perfect thing to get your Mojo back when you climb out of bed ... maybe a pastry or two if you feeling in need of that sugar hit.  Now imagine a world where those two things were combined with dressing up in glitter and...

New Bristol Photography Studio

It is now 18 days since I got the keys to my very own Studio, and I could not have imaginged how much it was going to change not only my working life, but also my home life.  The first thing I noticed was HOW MUCH SPACE I now have at home - 2 large shelving units...

Peas in a Pod

Last week I had a request for pictures of peas & beans, not unreasonable as we are now approaching that season, but I didn't have any stock shots & the ones in my garden were still tiny shoots.  Luckily I knew a man who did & soon a lovely big box of...

Fergus Henderson

To a Food Photographer, good chefs are akin to rockstars, and being asked to photograph them is a pretty nerve jangling commission.   Their reputations are fearsome - with tongues as sharp as their knives, patience as thin as a ginger twille, and a stranger...

Seedy Chocolate Granola Bars

When it's raining outside & my to-do list has become nothing short of epic, I like to ignore the world and spend an afternoon skiving off and testing a recipe I've earmarked from one of my favourite food blogs.  This one is inspired by the brilliant "The...

Happy Green-uary

It's January, and although I'm pretty sure that Publicans across the land would disagree, I think it's time to join the millions who embrace Dryuary as a way of paying back the misdemeanors of December.  I am OBVIOUSLY not prepared to give up coffee, chocolate or...

The Good Life

If the BBC was looking to remake 70's hit show "The Good Life" with a culinary twist they could do worse than knock on the door of Bod & Annie Griffiths, owners & hosts of the Vale House Kitchen near Bath.  I had heard a lot of good things about this...

What my clients say

"I’ve worked with Kirstie on a multi-issue photo-led series for the past seven years. She’s creative, organised and adaptable – so pretty much a dream contributor to my magazine. Each year we plan the features, then she styles and shoots the seasonal pics and never misses a deadline.  My picture editor and I enjoy working with her very much."

Lisa Sykes
Simple Things magazine editor

"Kirstie is a dream to work with. She’s warm and friendly, always happy to rework shots to fit the brief – or the whim of the cook – more closely, and efficiently delivering exquisite photographs."

Xanthe Clay
Food Writer, The Telegraph

"Kirstie is a truly inspirational photographer. She has been to Vale House Kitchen numerous times, is always very professional and comes with a huge wealth of photography knowledge. It is hard to find someone that takes a better picture, especially of food, which is no mean feat. We would 100% recommend her to anyone that needs a specialist in this field."

Bod Griffiths
Vale House Kitchen