Whenever I’m hired to take food shots in a working kitchen, I am always in awe of the blood, sweat and tears that it takes to run a kitchen. Chefs work the sort of hours that would make most of us weep, and this dedication is never more obvious than at the opening of a new restaurant, something that takes months to put together and sees the chefs practically sleeping under their ovens in order to be ready on time.  It takes a dedication approaching lunacy to embark on this as a career, yet time after time I meet the funniest, most creative and generous people slaving away in white jackets and loving every overheated, exhausting minute of their long days.

Dinner at Six-7992

This week I was in the kitchen of the team behind Birch Catering, 24 hours before they opened the doors of their new Stroud restaurant “Dinner at Six”.  I was treated to dish after dish of beautiful looking food to photograph, (and also far too many bad jokes and worse singing …) .  

Dinner at Six-8122

The days of angry, arrogant chefs who swear at their staff and throw the odd knife at the kitchen porter appear to be long gone. Long live the new breed, I think the food tastes better when it’s made in a kitchen full of happy banter, and if that’s true then Dinner at Six is looking like its going to be a huge success.

 Dinner at Six-8152

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