Last week I had a request for pictures of peas & beans, not unreasonable as we are now approaching that season, but I didn’t have any stock shots & the ones in my garden were still tiny shoots.  Luckily I knew a man who did & soon a lovely big box of peas, all ready for their close ups, arrived on my doorstep.* 

(Thanks to : @ADavidandCo for the big bag of Fresh Peas & Peashoots!)

Broad Bean on Bruscetta_0965

Peas.  That most humble of vegetable, often the first vegetable we are given as children, the bag we reach for from the freezer if we sprain an ankle, a metaphor for identical twins, responsible for the acute discomfort of fabled Princesses… 


Picked early they are Mangetout, a little later for Petit Pois, turning to Garden Peas if you can resisit them long enough to let them grow to their full size.   Popping a fresh pea straight into your mouth from the pod remains a rite of passage for kids, and as an adult it signals the start of summer, with lighter nights and alfresco eating in the garden.  

Yet only around 5% of peas are eaten fresh, with most of the little fellas condemned to a life in a freezer or a tin, so if you are going to grow anything this Summer, go on, Give Peas a Chance ..

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