As I write, we are still in lockdown.  We have been since March 23rd, and it’s starting to feel strangely normal.  I have a new rhythm, as do my family, which is slower for sure but also in so many ways, much fuller.  There is no rush to get out of the house in the morning, but instead there is a chat about who will do what, how we will navigate home school, work, exercise & food all within the confines of what is allowed.  Although we haven’t succumbed to the cliche of making Sourdough, we do quite often now start the day by mixing up a simple bread dough to have ready to eat at lunchtime.  We stick our heads in the fridge or the cupboards and work out what dinner might look like, and if we can get away with another day without food shopping.  We sometimes venture out for a run, all three of us at different levels of fitness but in a bizarre tortoise and hare scenario often finishing together.


Working as a commercial photographer in this new reality was tricky for the first few weeks.  Contracts were abruptly cancelled and the diary emptied itself as companies locked down and waited to see what  was going to happen.  Two weeks went past, and then slowly the phone started to ring again.   I have a studio where I can safely work in isolation, I have groaning shelves full of props and backgrounds to shoot a variety of different styles, I have experience in working without a stylist or Home Economist but the space to also work safely with one if the shoot is complex, and at the moment, I can shoot at short notice.  I miss human contact as much as the next person, but I love the space this has given me to try new things without worrying if they will work, knowing that I can always reshoot if I don’t like them.


The situation has slowly been changing each day & now I have a steady stream of work.  Creative meetings are taken over the phone, first shots are approved over Video conferencing and I am learning to work collaboratively when I am often the only person in the room.  And I love it.

Bits & Pieces

What I’ve been reading – American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins

What I’ve been cooking – Dan Lepards brilliant Gluten free loaf.

Podcasts I’ve been listening to – Jay Raynor’s new incarnation of his Out to Lunch podcasts, appropriately renamed “In For Lunch”