I think most people in this day and age make at least an effort to make their day-to-day diet a healthy one.  As adults we are, sadly, expected to choose greens over cakes as a matter of course.  But for me December is an “all bets are off” kind of month, and I barely make it past elevenses without some kind of treat passing my lips.  I love the decadence of December, it appeals to the rule breaker in me, and in my job there are plenty of excuses to indulge.  One of my favourite jobs recently was spending the day in the kitchens of Josh Eggleton’s award winning Gastropub, the The Pony & Trap taking photographs of the extraordinary creations of A.David’s michellin starred chef-in-residence Steve Shore.

Vanilla and Ginger Souffles with Ginger Madelines  & Pear and Chocolate Clafoutis.

Rhubarb, Vanilla, Ginger Souffle_Ginger Madeleines-5004

Rhubarb, Vanilla, Ginger Souffle_Ginger Madeleines_Triptych-5029 copy


I plan to enjoy the indulgence of Christmas, and instead of worryinging about eating too much sugar I’m going to join the thousands of people who have pledged this year to give a percentage of their Christmas spending to Food Banks.  Far better than worrying about gaining a few pounds for a month or so, and no-one should be hungry at Christmas.

I hope everyone has a delicious Christmas, sharing food around a table with the people you most love, laughing at terrible jokes and wearing garish jumpers.  See you in the New Year.

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