It’s a New Year, and it turns out living on wine, mince pies, and chocolate coins for a month is considered to be nutritionally unbalanced.  Now, while I am almost certain that I could deconstruct that and find all the food groups if I really tried, the mirror and the scales are making that “hmmm” face at me, so I am caving in and being healthy for January.  The organic veg box is my weapon of choice, and I’m not afraid to use it.  Sadly I don’t get paid to plug them, but I think Able & Cole are the sort of company that actually does make the world a better place, and their new cookbook actually makes me excited by veg.  As well as photographing food for a living, I also do it for fun (yep, the long winter nights fly by in our house!) so I will be posting my favourite veg creations throughout the month.  Meanwhile here’s a few earthy treats to whet your appetites.