I love Interior shoots; the chance not only to SEE inside some of the most interesting houses in the UK, but also to rearrange their furniture and contents to suit the shot, if only I had the time to create that magic on my own neglected house!


The owners are often as interesting as their houses would suggest, and I had the pleasure recently of meeting fabric and wallpaper designer, Vanessa Arbuthnot.  Her widely photographed home was originally nothing more than a cowshed.  Vanessa and her architect husband bought it in their early 20’s and set about changing it into the eclectic and stylish place it is today.  Not content with bringing up their four children, running walking holidays for Americans, and studying print at the local Art College one day a week, Vanessa also rented out her home as a location for photography shoots.  This turned out to be a stroke of genius and during one such shoot a stylist spotten her fabrics, asked if she could include them in the photographs, and the the rest is history.  Some 20 years later the once lowly cattle shed (Well, it is nearly Christmas!!) now houses her business, her family, an Artists residency and her menagery of cats, dogs and chickens.  

Dyptch_Vanessa Arbuthnot-2-2

Vanessa_Diptych-2-2The full article can be seen in the Cotswolds edition of Crumbs Magazine, in print or online http://www.crumbsmag.com

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