It’s January, and although I’m pretty sure that Publicans across the land would disagree, I think it’s time to join the millions who embrace Dryuary as a way of paying back the misdemeanors of December.  I am OBVIOUSLY not prepared to give up coffee, chocolate or cheese but somethings got to give, so after enjoying everything that December cared to throw at me I am entering January as dry as the proverbial desert.   

So out with the wine, and in with water.  Out with the Vodka and in with veg.  Any Nutritionist worth their (low) salt will concur with your Granny when she urged you to “Eat your Greens”, so I’m ditching those old fashioned January Blues for the all new and improved January Greens.  The next 26 days will be all about Soups, Juices and A LOT of Cabbagy things.  Gulp.   


Green Soup-6633

Green Juice-37

My secret weapon in making this about delicious food rather than self-denial is the brilliant new (ish) cookbook by Anna Jones – A Modern Way to Eat”.  As a Food Photographer I have a bulletproof excuse to buy a LOT of cookery books in the name of research, and this one is my stand out recommendation of 2014.  Buy this book and fill your cupboards with Limes, Tahini, Garlic, Chilli, Lemongrass, Seeds and every Green vegetable you can get your hands.  Move over Dry-uary, it’s time to embrace the culinary potential of Green-uary.

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