When we bought our house 4 years ago, my main concern was that it have a large kitchen dining area.  Our flat in London had a galley kitchen, and as I cook a bit like the chef in the Muppets, with food flying everywhere and every bowl, pan, plate & knife in the cupboards piling up precariously around the washing up bowl, I knew I needed more space!  A new home with the perfect kitchen/diner was finally found 120 miles away in Bristol, and I am now lucky enough to have a space to cook AND work in as it doubles up nicely as a studio when I’m shooting food, with separate areas to prep, cook and shoot in and a huge amount of natural light flooding in (or rain drizzling down the windows….it IS Bristol … )

Shoots in this space generally range from small scale (just me & my camera…and a packet of Hobnobs for energy purposes…) to a full crew of up to six people.  But the hob got an extra scrub last week in preparation for Michelin star chef, Steve Shore cooking in my kitchen.  The cooker has never looked so clean, and you could have eaten your dinner off the floor.  Steve is one of the calmest and most talented chefs I have ever met and the whole day was an utter pleasure, but the very best bit of all was a fridge full of swanky leftovers at the end of the day.

Here’s a few of the shots of his beautiful food.

Asparagus & Parma Ham

Roasted Asparagus & Parma Ham w deep fried Hens Egg & Hollandais

Poached & Roasted Peach, Raspberry Bavarois_A.David_May2014-2812

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