So, my attempt at the 5:2 diet is going badly, but in my defence I would have to have the willpower of a shark in a fish tank to turn down the feasts that I photograph.  I was recently asked by Crumbs magazine ( to head to Nailsworth to meet the talented chef Wesley Birch.  When I arrived there didn’t seem to be the usual flurry of preparation going on, instead Wesley showed me the mountain of ridiculously fresh seafood he was planning to serve, then took me to meet his ducks who had kindly provided the eggs for his creme brulee.  When his guests were safely seated on the patio with some olives and a glass of well chosen wine from the impressively stocked cellar, Wes turned the stereo in the kitchen up loud, and with the Rolling Stones rocking out in the corner turned the mountain of seafood into a double layed platter fit for king Jagger himself.  I’ll diet tomorrow, but sometimes when you see food like this seafood you’d be crazy to turn it down!

Oysters on Ice-5209



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