Most national magazines shoot a lot of their features a year ahead of publication, it’s a way of shooting the right season, and yet still hitting deadlines.  Last summer was a bit of a stinker, but magazines still needed “sunny” features to fill their pages this year, so a fair amount of dashing in and out between downpours followed by digital jiggery pokery was required to get that long, hot, sunny day feel onto their pages.  

One of my favourite clients is The Simple Things magazine; it has a strapline that states “Taking time to live well” and is the sort of magazine that is impossible to read standing up.  It demands a favourite chair, a cup of tea and a slice of cake.  A lot of the photographs I shot for them last year were in an allotment in Bristol for a feature called “Seed-to-Stove” with garden writer Lia Leendertz.  The long suffering Lia spent the majority of the shoots trying to look warm, or dashing into her allotment shed to keep dry, during that typically awful British Summer.  But it paid off and if you don’t look too closely you can’t even see the rain …



Edible flowers

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